Welcome to DemonBit

Who are we?

We're a group of guys in Northern Michigan trying to put our talents to good use on the internet.

We're musicians, designers, and programmers. Most of all, we're metal enthusiasts, and we praise satan every day.

... Hail satan.

What do we do?

A few things.

We offer up our opinions on music in the form of Articles and Reviews, we host a Podcast, as well as other side projects we're attempting to bring into DemonBit.

Meet the Staff

Co-Founder, Podcast Co-Host, Writer

Resident "Priest of the Iron Church", he's perhaps the most passionate of any of us about Metal music. He enjoys satanic sacrifices, staring at his biceps, and writing for DemonBit.

Co-Founder, Podcast Co-Host, Writer

Born in woods of Michigan and raised by a rabbid swamp-hermit, Korpi communicates primarily through interpretive dance. When he's not out hugging trees and attempting to gain their knowledge, he writes for DemonBit. In exchange for his works, we feed him bath salts

Co-Founder, Podcast Co-Host, Site Administrator/Developer

Growing up as a huge fucking nerd, nothing he says or does is important, and the staff legitimately hate him. He maintains DemonBit on various fronts, including fighting for the right to party.

Co-Founder, Podcast Co-Host, Conduit for K'thechkiel - devourer of minds

A mysterious person, the only interactions we have with Beil - Master of the 4th - involve recieving boxes with notes inside reading only, "SOON"...

For general inquiries, business or pleasure: