Spotlight: Feast Eternal Release New Teaser

One of the best and longest standing metal acts in northern Michigan decided it was time to remind us they're not dead. Feast Eternal, a Christian death metal band that plays on the darker side of the genre, released a facebook teaser video this past month for what we can only presume is an upcoming...

Korpi - Jul 26, 2017

Album Review: Wintersun - The Forest Seasons

With the exception of solo projects, rarely in metal is reviewing an album considered reviewing the artist behind it, but with Jari Mäenpää this is definitely the case. In 2004 Jari released the debut album of his pet project Wintersun and made bold claims about spearheading a sub-genre called “sym...

Korpi - Jul 26, 2017

Album Review: Demise Of The Enthroned - Angelicide

I think back to the times of headbanging to Cannibal Corpse covers at the local civic center and say to myself, "Those were the days." But when Cannibal Corpse covers become Avenged Sevenfold covers and straight long hair turns to straight edge tattoos there's no going back; or so I thought.

DoomMaster - Jul 14, 2017

Spotlight: Xanthochroid Fans Celebrate

  If you’re a Xanthochroid fan and need an excuse to drink and listen to music with people, then the band has an offer you might be interested in.     As most are aware, the music industry is very different than it has traditionally been over past decades. We can thank and criticize the internet fo...

Korpi - Jul 07, 2017

Michigan Events - Summer 2017

  It’s concert season in the mitten again; rather than wade through the punk and hard rock bands on other sites, embrace the Demonbit as your one stop shop for the metal shows you need to know about.   7/7 Detroit, Corktown Tavern (local bands)   7/...

Korpi - Jul 01, 2017