Spotlight: Grai (Грай) - Test Patch

Korpi - Jan 19, 2017

Back around the beginning of December 2016, Grai announced they were going to make a batch of "pilot"/test patches. Being a huge fan I had to have the band's first patch ever and instally ordered one sight unseen. Not having a facebook, I emailed the band. Whoever I spoke to was very helpful despite any language barrier and soon enough the patch was in the mail. Fastforward to January 19th and now it's in my hands!

I'm fairly knoweldgable concerning patches, having delt with them for various involvements throughout my life and even designed a few for organizations. While I'd love to review this patch, I'm going to refrain since this is a test batch; essentially a prototype. So lets jump in and take a look.

The patch is a traditional embroidered type, white on black background, the logo is made of thick synthetic thread like that found on military gear, the fabric is also a heavygrade synthetic like tactical gear, the merrowing is bonded thread and not that cheap stuff seen on most patches that freys really badly, and then the whole back is capped off with dark green russian military type velcro. It measures 4.5" x 4.5" (113mm x 113mm) and weighs in at 0.4oz (11g). A soft loop velcro piece is included, so you can attach it wherever you want without having to remove the hard hook velcro back.

Overall I'm left with the impression that this patch is intended to stand up to heavy wear situations, as they have clearly choosen durability over detail. Additionally I've only seen the velcro style patches used on military uniforms/equipment and never a metal kutte/battle-jacket; a very militant approch. I am left with various compliments, suggestions, and complaints with this patch but like any fan I am more than happy to own actual merch that came directally from the band! Especially considering this will likely be a limited time offer; so if you like Grai, go over to their facebook and order one ASAP.

* Bands need your support! If you like a band, buy their music and/or merch.

Facebook Patch Post


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