Spotlight: Lunar Womb – The Sleeping Green

Korpi - Jan 02, 2017

While Dungeon Synth is not a normal topic on Demobit, Lunar Womb stands out and takes precedent for a particular reason; Henri “Trollhorn” Sorvali. The Moonsorrow and Finntroll keyboardist was recording dungeon synth back in the 90's before joining the iconic bands. The Sleeping Green became what was a culmination of his acquired skills but was never released until now. Initially recorded in 1999, it received its first release on November 4th 2016 on the proper cassette media. In Henri's own words:

“ Lunar Womb was a ambient/ folk/ electronic project of me started in 1995 with a couple of friends. After the first demo I continued alone and released another demo in 1997. In 1998 I got myself some better musical equipment to fulfill my visions and this cassette demo was planned to release in the turn of 1998/1999. 

Due to other band- related things, It took me some time to finish it properly but when it was finally ready I felt it was so outdated I didn´t want to release it anymore. 

I found the tracks and the layout- files from my backups in 2015 and after careful reconsideration I decided to finish what I had once started and remastered it from the original pieces. All the artwork and layout was originally intended for a cassette release and the music is 100% original except for remastering for a bit more better listening experience. 

This release is an important part of my musical history and in a way can be considered the only "solo album" I have ever done- and probably ever will. It can also be found from various places in the internet for free listening or to download but due to numerous requests I am also putting it to bandcamp as lossless files. 
I hope the atmosphere and the burning passion and longing for something ancient I was intending to create back then can still be heard over 15 years later. 

Enjoy this piece of history,
Henri ”


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