Spotlight: Master Boot Record

Korpi - Mar 09, 2018


It’s that time again, time to step outside of the shitty world of metal and into a much shittier world full of other things to darken your day with. Today we’re highlighting Master Boot Record, AKA MBR. Best we can tell, this artificial intelligence known as MBR has been lurking in the basement on some expired Italian guy’s old 486 system. In fact, the AI has been alone and board for so long with nothing but read 90’s metal webzines and run vintage games, that it developed a little metal music of its own.

The flavor of MBR is best described as darkwave, synthwave, midi music, old video game themes, and metal all rolled into one package of 1’s and 0’s. Its pretty damn good stuff if you’re willing to step outside of your black metal cocoon and into the digital age. In addition to a multitude of releases, MBR promises a new album on the horizon and even a video game of its very own; with a 90’s twist of course.

Opening track from MBR’s new album Direct Memory Access, coming April 20th 2018 from Blood Music.

While some of its stuff may be mediocre and too geek-centric for certain listeners, there are several releases all-but guaranteed to garner the attention of power, advent-guard, progressive, and even metalheads of other genres if willing. So tap into your inner digital pagan and go give Master Boot Record a fair shot.


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