Album Review: Demise Of The Enthroned - Angelicide

DoomMaster - Jul 14, 2017

Demise Of The Enthroned - Angelicide
Released April 2017

Reviewed 14 July By DoomMaster

It is rare in this day and age in Michigan to find a death metal band worth giving a shit about.  In fact, it's been so long I've even given up hope in ever having the pleasure of a band coming to my podunktown and getting my ears pummeled by anything other than the flailing arms of an 80 pound 14 year old in gym shorts.  I think back to the times of headbanging to Cannibal Corpse covers at the local civic center and say to myself, "Those were the days."  But when Cannibal Corpse covers become Avenged Sevenfold covers and straight long hair turns to straight edge tattoos there's no going back; or so I thought.

Demise Of The Enthroned hail from Flint and were first seen by DemonBit staff at Metalfest III in East Jordan.  I didn't attend the event but was surprised to hear that one of the highlights of the fest was a Michigan death metal band.  Being somewhat skeptical based on past experiences I checked out their Facebook page and found exactly that; a Michigan death metal band formed in 2009.  "Wow," I thought to myself, "these guys formed in the peak of the musical shit era and somehow are still playing true-to-form death metal, impressive." 

Now that the band have released their first full EP, Angelicide I thought I'd revisit their works and attempt to describe just what makes me so excited about them.  Is it the driving tremolos or the screeching pinch harmonics delivered by the guitars?  Is it the pummeling groove and earth-shattering heaviness from the drums and bass?  What about the spot-on growls and screams from George Fisher Jay Sheriman?  The rapid flow of intensity?  Yes, in part.  But why I truly respect Demise Of The Enthroned is because they are a death metal band from Michigan.  They aren't rewriting the book.  They aren't trying to sell out to the newest trend in metal.  Are they better than the classic death metal pioneers or even death metal band #23521?  Does it Matter?  No.  They play tight and they play with an old school intensity that I admire.  When I listen to this EP I think of headbanging and moshing my ass off to them in my home town.  They are playing in Michigan to their local fans.  They are helping reignite what I, and I know many others are longing for; the days of no-bullshit extreme music in a local setting on a Friday night.

I wish Demise Of The Enthroned the best of success in the future.  I hope their live shows influence other local musicians to return the scene to the glory days of underground music.  Keep kicking ass and I can't wait to catch you guys live.  

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