Album Review: Black Forest - Dream

  Black Forest – Dream Released 3rd March 2018 Reviewed 6th March 2018 by Korpi   To my bewilderment, I keep finding myself reviewing various power metal-esk bands of the “symphonic melodic death metal” variety, AKA those who walk a similar path as Jari Mäenpää. To that effect, enter Black Forest....

Korpi - Mar 06, 2018

Album Review: Wintersun - The Forest Seasons

With the exception of solo projects, rarely in metal is reviewing an album considered reviewing the artist behind it, but with Jari Mäenpää this is definitely the case. In 2004 Jari released the debut album of his pet project Wintersun and made bold claims about spearheading a sub-genre called “sym...

Korpi - Jul 26, 2017

Album Review: Demise Of The Enthroned - Angelicide

I think back to the times of headbanging to Cannibal Corpse covers at the local civic center and say to myself, "Those were the days." But when Cannibal Corpse covers become Avenged Sevenfold covers and straight long hair turns to straight edge tattoos there's no going back; or so I thought.

DoomMaster - Jul 14, 2017

Album Review: Dalriada - Forrás

Korpi's review of Dalriada's new acoustic album released in May 2016.

Korpi - Feb 28, 2017

Best Of 2016 | Trees of Eternity - Hour of the Nightingale

With releases like Destroyer 666’s Wildfire, Vektor’s Terminal Redux, Insomnium’s Winter’s Gate, Mithras’ On Strange Loops, and Dark Tranquillity’s Atoma, I’d say the year has been decently rich with releases I’ll be listening to for a long while. There was one band however that certainly stood out...

IceBreaker - Feb 25, 2017

Road Trip Review 25th January 2017

Roadtrip Setlist Mini-Reviews: Bloody Hammers - A Lovely Sort Of Death Released in 2016, A Lovely Sort Of Death by US-based Bloody Hammers features an interesting mix of something reminiscent of Type O-Negative with some kind of 80s goth and maybe a bit of the doomy-er portions of Triptykon or Celtic Frost.

DoomMaster - Feb 19, 2017

Concert & Venue Review - Mayhem@Cabooze - 2017

If this package is coming to a town near you, go for Inquisition and stay for the legendary Mayhem and De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas.

DoomMaster - Feb 06, 2017

DoomMaster's Best of 2016: Dark Tranquillity - Atoma

Dark Tranquillity have managed to take all the elements I hate about gothenburg and turn them upside-down with mature songwriting that transforms these genre staples into bittersweet offerings with a certain depth I had yet to hear from any gothenburg release.

DoomMaster - Feb 05, 2017

Album Review: Shroud of Despondency - Forced To Wander Into Nothing

Shroud of Despondency - Forced To Wander Into NothingReleased December 2002Reviewed 13 January 2017 by Korpi In supplement to our recent Michigan Metal Podcast, I'd like to take a moment to reflect on an older release by Shroud of Despondency. Shroud is one of those bands who has moved through styli...

Korpi - Jan 12, 2017

Album Review: Akercocke - Choronzon

Album Review: Akercocke - ChoronzonReleased: November 4th, 2003Review: December 21st 2016 by DoomMaster With the array of tit-and-goat laden album covers leading up to and including Choronzon, Akercocke leave little room for interpretation concerning the music played and the message conveyed.  But,...

DoomMaster - Dec 21, 2016