Album Review: Crown Of Thorns - Eternal Death

Album Review: Crown Of Thorns - Eternal DeathReleased: February 1997Reviewed On: December 20th 2016 by DoomMaster Considering the enormous popularity of Gothenburg powerhouses such as In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, and At The Gates, it can be easy to overlook some of Sweden's other melodic death meta...

DoomMaster - Dec 20, 2016

Album Review: Alkonost (Алконост) - Songs of The White Lily (Песни белой лилии)

Alkonost (Алконост) - Songs of The White Lilly (Песни белой лилии)Released 5th October 2016Reviewed 3rd December 2016 by Korpi Back in October Alkonost, one of the most established and respected Slavic pagan/folk metal bands, released their seventh studio album Songs of The White Lilly (Песни белой...

Korpi - Dec 03, 2016

Road Trip Review: 13th November 2016

DoomMaster's mini-reviews of the setlist and locations for 13th November 2016 roadtrip.

DoomMaster - Dec 02, 2016

Concert & Venue Review: Dark Tranquillity@Token Lounge - 2016

DoomMaster's review of the concert held 13th November 2016 @ Token Lounge, Westland MI. Headlining: Dark Tranquillity; Featuring: Swallow The Sun, Starkill, & Enforcer

DoomMaster - Dec 02, 2016

Album Review: Blot - Ilddyrking

Blot - IlddyrkingReleased October 2015Reviewed 20th November 2016 by Korpi Blot is a fairly unknown viking metal band hailing from Norway. Unsigned they release their works through bandcamp in digital and disk formats. So what is so geat about them that warrants a review; not much actually, atleast...

Korpi - Nov 20, 2016

Album Review: Ruyan (Руян) - Lebed' Belaya (Лебедь белая)

 Ruyan (Руян) - Lebed' Belaya (Лебедь белая); Special Edition Digipack with Bonus TrackReleased January 2016 (Original album released April 2014)Reviewed 19th November 2016 by Korpi Organized by Char and Rodonitsa formerly of Grai (Грай), ex-Alknost guitarist Skorb, and members of Amederia in 2010,...

Korpi - Nov 19, 2016