Album Review: Alkonost (Алконост) - Songs of The White Lily (Песни белой лилии)

Alkonost (Алконост) - Songs of The White Lilly (Песни белой лилии)Released 5th October 2016Reviewed 3rd December 2016 by Korpi Back in October Alkonost, one of the most established and respected Slavic pagan/folk metal bands, released their seventh studio album Songs of The White Lilly (Песни белой...

Korpi - Dec 03, 2016

Road Trip Review: 13th November 2016

DoomMaster's mini-reviews of the setlist and locations for 13th November 2016 roadtrip.

DoomMaster - Dec 02, 2016

Concert & Venue Review: Dark Tranquillity@Token Lounge - 2016

DoomMaster's review of the concert held 13th November 2016 @ Token Lounge, Westland MI. Headlining: Dark Tranquillity; Featuring: Swallow The Sun, Starkill, & Enforcer

DoomMaster - Dec 02, 2016

Album Review: Blot - Ilddyrking

Blot - IlddyrkingReleased October 2015Reviewed 20th November 2016 by Korpi Blot is a fairly unknown viking metal band hailing from Norway. Unsigned they release their works through bandcamp in digital and disk formats. So what is so geat about them that warrants a review; not much actually, atleast...

Korpi - Nov 20, 2016

Album Review: Ruyan (Руян) - Lebed' Belaya (Лебедь белая)

 Ruyan (Руян) - Lebed' Belaya (Лебедь белая); Special Edition Digipack with Bonus TrackReleased January 2016 (Original album released April 2014)Reviewed 19th November 2016 by Korpi Organized by Char and Rodonitsa formerly of Grai (Грай), ex-Alknost guitarist Skorb, and members of Amederia in 2010,...

Korpi - Nov 19, 2016