Podcast #10 - Gambling Problems

DemonBit - Mar 02, 2017


This week on the DemonBit Podcast, after returning from a short break we sit down to discuss some of our pet peeves about video game economics and the companies that exploit them.


Links to topics covered in this episode:

Torment: Tides of Numenerastore.steampowered.com
Baldur's Gatestore.steampowered.com
Wizards of the Coastcompany.wizards.com
Magic: The Gathering Onlinemagic.wizards.com
Path of Exilewww.pathofexile.com
Eve Onlinewww.eveonline.com
WoW Tokenswowtoken.info
EVE Plex Market Valueeve-central.com
EVE Online Corporation Investment Scamwww.engadget.com
Elite Dangerouswww.elitedangerous.com
Artemis Ship Bridge Simulatorartemis.eochu.com
Escape from L.A.www.imdb.com


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