Podcast #11 - BeerCast

DemonBit - Mar 30, 2017


This week on the DemonBit Podcast, we talk John Wick 2, films and TV shows, and michigan brews.


Links to topics covered in this episode:

John Wick 2www.imdb.com
John Wick Infographicimgur.com
John Wick 2 Infographicimgur.com
Hard Boiledwww.imdb.com
A Better Tomorrow (the Not-Woo film)www.imdb.com
Hard Targetwww.imdb.com
Ang Lee (Not John Woo)en.wikipedia.org
A Better Tomorrow (the Woo film)www.imdb.com
S Darkowww.imdb.com
Tears For Fears - Songs from the big chairen.wikipedia.org
Get Outwww.imdb.com
Jordan Peelewww.imdb.com
Chappelle Showwww.imdb.com
Dave Chappellewww.imdb.com
Dave Chappelle Africa Retreaten.wikipedia.org
Pusher Remakewww.imdb.com
Neon Demonwww.imdb.com
Pit Bull: New Orderswww.imdb.com
Hodejegerne (Headhunters)www.imdb.com
Cat's Pajamas - Short's Brewwww.shortsbrewing.com
Stone Brewing Cowww.stonebrewing.com
Double Ruination - Stone Brewwww.stonebrewing.com
Squishy - Short's Brewstarcutciders.com
Starcut Cidersstarcutciders.com
Wineries of Old Mission Peninsulawww.wineriesofomp.com
St. Ambrose Cellarswww.stambrose-mead-wine.com
Razzmatazz - St Ambrose Brewwww.stambrose-mead-wine.com
Evil Twin - St Ambrose Brewwww.stambrose-mead-wine.com
John Lemon - St Ambrose Brewwww.stambrose-mead-wine.com
Rose Ambrosia - St Ambrose Brewwww.stambrose-mead-wine.com
Dragon Heartwww.imdb.com
Postal 2store.steampowered.com
Titan Quest: Imortal Thronestore.steampowered.com
Chief Hopper - Short's Brewwww.shortsbrewing.com
Super Fluid - Shorts Brewwww.shortsbrewing.com
Batch 5000 - Short's Brewwww.shortsbrewing.com
Elite Dangerousstore.steampowered.com
Arma 3store.steampowered.com
Counting to 1 millionwww.youtube.com
Nathan For Youwww.imdb.com

Hard Boild One-Take Shot

Tears For Fears - Head Over Heels


Postal 2 Infinite Cats